Types of insurance


Insurance It is a means that most people depend on to mitigate the risks outside their control and mitigate the effects that they may be exposed to, including those risks that may threaten their lives, their property, their trades, and many other things, as the insured pays a monthly subscription to the insured (mostly The insurance company), and all the insurers ’money is paid to the one who suffers from an accident outside his control to make up for his losses, and this is what the insurance companies are based on today.

Types of insurance

Insurance in terms of form: this type is intended for the parties, parties, or bodies that are responsible for assuming the insurance process.

Cooperative insurance: This type is the insured party and the insured party has one party, as this process is carried out by a number of people with a certain interest, and it is possible to expose them to a certain risk, and they work to mitigate the effects of the damages that a particular subscriber may be exposed to, from the contributions and installments that Paid by a specific party.

Insurance with a fixed subscription: The insurer pays an amount of money to the insured when he is exposed to a specific accident, against the value of the contributions that the insured had paid to the insurance company.

Topic insurance: Marine, river, air and land insurance: This insurance covers and mitigates the effects of risks to maritime transport (ship combustion, or cargo and damage, shipwreck, ship hijacking, etc.), air transportation (plane crashes, etc.), or river transportation (In canals and rivers), or land transport that includes the types mentioned previously, but this insurance does not include the crew working in the ship or plane, but rather falls within the land insurance.

Private and social insurance: The private is the one that the individual does to insure his property, his life, or otherwise, in insurance companies, and the goal is mostly personal, which is optional, while social insurance is the insurance that the state guarantees in order to cover the risks that may be exposed It has a working class in society and is compulsory.

Damage insurance: This insurance is carried out by a person to cover the risks to which his property may be exposed. It does not include life insurance which is of two types.

Things insurance: insurance for the insured’s money.

Liability insurance: This insurance covers the costs of an error committed by the insured, for example, the insured has sabotaged the property of another person in this case, insurance from liability covers the costs of sabotage and prevents the other party from holding it responsible and returning to it.

Personal insurance: This insurance covers the costs of occurring any risks to the insured person, which is of several types.

Life insurance has several types: In case of death: The insurance company pays the insurance amount upon the death of the insured. In case of stay: The insurance company pays the insurance amount at a specific and specific time for the insured himself.

In the case of marriage: The insurance company pays the insurance amount to the insured if he gets married before a certain date.

In the case of birth: The insurance company pays the insurance amount to the insured if he gives birth to a newborn.

Mixed insurance: The insurance company pays the insurance amount after the death of the insured for a certain period, or the insured at a certain date.

Supplemental insurance: It occurs in case the insured is unable to continue to pay the insurance premiums for a specific reason.

Group insurance: A person responsible for a group of people pays the premium for this insurance, which covers the risks that any member of this group might be exposed to, such as the owner of a factory and the workers who work in it.

Sickness insurance: In the event that the insured is exposed to any disease, this insurance covers the costs of treatment.

Accident insurance: In the event that the insured is exposed to an accident, this insurance pays an amount to the insured, and it covers physical accidents, death, disability, and so on.


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