The nine most important information to know before signing an insurance contract


Insurance products are one of the means to confront the risks that the insured may face and help him to bear the financial burdens resulting from it. Through the insurance policy, the insured gets protection against the risks or losses that may be incurred or caused to others by what is stipulated in the terms and conditions of the insurance policy, and in return, the insured undertakes to pay the agreed insurance premium.

Insurance products differ among themselves in terms of purpose and insurance coverage, but there are some basic information that the customer must know and verify before signing the insurance contract, as follows:

1-Service provider

It is one of the insurance companies licensed to practice insurance business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the insurance company may provide its services through a third party called an insurance agent, but it must ensure its commitment to complete the transactions within a framework that guarantees the interest and protection of the customer, and companies authorized to do so can be known by Visit the Foundation’s website.

2-Prices and costs

The insurance company is obligated to follow the pricing requirements set by the institution that the customer previously agreed upon as one of the requirements for approval of the insurance coverage. Insurance brokerage firms also have to provide the best price quotations to the customer from several companies, with an explanation of the reasons for their nomination for one of these offers.

3-The period of insurance coverage

It is the period during which the customer is entitled to obtain the insurance benefits agreed upon under the insurance policy, and as a general rule the obligations of the parties to the contract end with the end of the period of the insurance policy, so the insured must ensure that the policy is renewed before it expires to ensure that he continues to obtain these insurance benefits.
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4-Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of the insurance policy must be read carefully and precisely before signing the contract, and inquire about all unclear items in order to avoid any future conflict, and the customer can also request to obtain a free copy of the contract for reference at any time, as well as get all the brochures issued by the company about the product that they offer.

5-Exceptions to the policy

Attention must be paid to the insurance coverage ceiling, familiarity with exceptional cases or damages that are not covered by the insurance policy, or the coverage that falls under the item of additions (expansions) that are usually added upon the request of the insured, such as obtaining a replacement car when an accident occurs against additional fees for the insurance policy Comprehensive AV.

6-The obligations and rights of each party

The insurance company is obliged to clarify the rights and responsibilities of each party in a simple and clear manner and to answer all customer inquiries, and the customer must also be familiar with all the obligations incurred by him under the contract and ensure that he is able to fulfill them.

7-Claims settlement procedures

The insurance company clarifies the mechanism for submitting claims and the documents required to settle it, in addition to explaining the reasons for rejecting the claim in case it was not approved.

8-Communication channels

The insurance company must disclose the addresses of the company’s offices and the means to contact them, such as e-mail, phone number, and the company’s website.

9-Submit and process complaints

The insurance company provides means to receive customer complaints and objections to the services and products provided to him, and then follow the procedures and measures necessary to deal with them and settle them in a fair and immediate manner, and in the event of customer dissatisfaction he can submit a complaint to the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency through the ” Sama cares ” portal.

The insurance contract represents an agreement between the insurance company and the customer in order for the client to obtain insurance benefits commensurate with his financial capabilities and aspirations in exchange for paying a certain amount of money, so the customer must make sure to read and understand the insurance contract to know his rights and obligations resulting from it, and to be able to choose the best insurance products and preserve his rights.


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