The most important thing that needs to be checked by a car


The most important thing that needs to be checked by car periodically to ensure that it is not subject to serious breakdowns

There is no doubt that regular maintenance is the best guarantee for the condition of your car, but there are several easy-to-check points that you can do on your own and, most importantly, it strongly affects the life of your car …

When your car is exposed to some kind of malfunction, you may suffer physically and psychologically and may negatively affect your workday or important family issue or otherwise, and the malfunction may also be very influential on the financial level, let alone problems such as ordering a truck for towing or even renting another car, etc., which increases More than physical attrition.

And from the principle of an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of treatment, it is possible to carry out simple periodic checks by yourself to avoid exposure to major and unimaginable breakdowns. Here are the most prominent of these points that are easy to check:


Among the most important points that must be checked periodically, the low level of engine oil or special coolant may cause the engine to be permanently disabled, so these fluids must be checked periodically along with gearbox oils, brakes, and steering system, and of course, the fluid of the wipers must not be forgotten.

Usually, there are special small tanks under the hood to check these fluids directly and easily. It is important to pay attention to the color and quantity of liquids to see if they need replacement or addition.

Belts and hoses:

Among the common malfunctions to which cars are exposed are the damages that affect belts, hoses and pipes, so it is always advisable to pay attention to the condition of the belts and tubes that can be easily examined by looking at their condition and the presence of any cracks or wear.

In the event that anything abnormal is noticed, it is preferable to replace defective belts or hoses and always from the principle of an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of treatment.

the battery:

One of the most common breakdowns that might affect your car is the end of its battery life, and of course the batteries these days are coming sealed and its fluids cannot be checked as it was in the past.

So it is not easy to know the battery life if it is not equipped with an indicator on its outer body, but a custom meter can be acquired for that, and because it is for personal use and not professional, it is easy to find a simple and cheap scale at a price that may not exceed 50 dirhams.

Cooling system:

Caring for the cooling system is very important in our high-temperature area, so you don’t know where the calamities will end if the engine gets hot without paying attention to it. So you should pay attention to the coolant and to the position of the radiator and try to check what can be examined, and if you suspect any defects, even a small one, you should go directly to one of the maintenance workshops.


Air-condition order! In the summer, it becomes dangerous to drive a car without an air conditioner, as this may cause fatigue and excessive sweating to the driver to the point where he will lose a large percentage of the level of concentration.

Therefore, it is necessary from time to time to check the airflow levels from all air conditioning outlets and monitor the cooling speed. In the event that any change in pumping performance is noticed, it is preferable to go to a specialized workshop as soon as possible.

Alarm indicators:

Never underestimate any alert indicator lights up on the dashboard as if it was a minor glitch or as if it lit on its own without any problem or malfunction! Unfortunately, many people think this and do not realize that when these indicators light up, they are a warning of the possibility of major breakdowns.

So the lighting issue of any alert indicator should be taken seriously and to the end and go to the relevant maintenance center to find out the reason behind it.


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